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We greatly appreciate all our customers and we wouldn't be where we are today without you!
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This page is designed specifically for those who may not need to purchase a Fine Art Photographic piece from us right now, but wish to make a single donation or support Ken McDougal Photography on a regular basis. You can also use this donation page as a way of paying for a “Specialized Product” or custom sized print that is not currently on the website!
All donations are considered a charitable gift and are recorded on our books as income but are not tax deductible. However, your contributions helps us with equipment/software upgrades in addition to showcasing our work to more people.

To make a donation, simply click the donate button below and put in any amount over $1.00.


Friends, we write this note with a heavy heart. Typically, we are the kind of people that like to give and not ask for help. That’s not because we’re proud, it’s just that we find so much pleasure and fulfillment when we can reach out. However, that said, we know there are times when you just need to admit you need help. We’re there right now. For the past few years, our truck has needed a major repair and we have been saving but not enough and we aren’t able to afford a new one. Our truck is our only source of transportation and in order to do our job which is photography. Currently, we’re not able to take it out of town. So, we started a GoFundme campaign to help raise funds to help. We’ve put our own monies into it too. If you would like to contribute, click here. Any amount is welcomed and we really appreciate your help. ~ Ken and Kim

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