Jetty Sunset - Item No. LS11 - $227

I almost missed the opportunity to photograph this. It was in February of 2015. I had been shooting a lot that week and was kind of burned out. I was debating on whether to go out that evening and at the last minute, decided to go. It wasn’t very far, just 5 minutes from my home. I arrived just as the colors over the Siuslaw River Jetty were starting to turn. The winds had calmed and the water was still and the color rendered a near perfect, mirror image in the Jetty. I decided to make a five image panoramic of this shot. After I was done capturing this Amazing sight, I just stood there in Awe looking at and enjoying the best sunset I had ever captured here in Florence, thinking that if I had given in to my feeling tired, I would have missed it. Sometimes you just have to push through and get out there. Printed as a Panoramic on Bamboo Fine Art paper. Available in 36” x 12” size.