Multnomah Falls - Item No. LS08 - $217

I had seen many shots of Multnomah Falls in Oregon but always on cloudy, grey overcast days. While visiting the area in May of 2015, I was with another photographer and we past this Amazing site at just after 7 pm. This is what is called “the Golden Hour. As we were driving past the site I saw the evening sun cresting off the top of the ridge against a clear blue sky. I yelled “stop”. We pulled into the parking lot and parked. I grabbed my gear, ran to the base, fully expecting there to be about ten other photographers there shooting. It was empty. I had the entire area to myself for a whole ten minutes until other photographers finally started showing up. It was a Great experience and I got the shot I wanted. Printed on Torchon Fine Art paper. Available in 16” x 24” size.