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We are a hard-working husband-wife team determined to live our dreams and pursuing The Lord’s calling. Read more below!

Ken McDougal, Photographer

Ken McDougal, Photographer

There’s something about being behind the camera, shooting a stunning landscape or capturing a family of Canadian Geese swimming in the river, that really excites me. Heading out very early every morning to get that “Golden Hour” light, captivates my heart and soul. Knowing that God created all this for me to witness and to photograph makes me feel uniquely blessed. In every one of my images I try to include an element, be it natural or man‐made, to give people a sense of His wonderful presence.”

Kim McDougal

Ken McDougal has been a professional photographer for more than 20 years. He studied communications and broadcasting for three years at Lyndon State College in Vermont and then moved on to The New York Institute of Photography (NYI) for another two years until he graduated from there in June of 1990. After working for a national photography company for 10 years, he resigned his position and started his own business, “True Focus© photography”. Ken became a successful commercial photographer in the first five years of his career, yet his heart always yearned towards photographing nature, scenic and wildlife. He really felt in his heart, that this was his true calling, so he followed it!

In 2005, True Focus© photography changed names and became Ken McDougal© photography. Then In 2012, Ken and his wife Kim, moved 3,000 miles from Florida to Florence, Oregon where they both now live and work as a husband and wife team, full time from their home studio. Surrounded by the incredible beauty of the Oregon coast, Ken is now living his dream of photographing nature, scenic and wildlife.

Ken has won several awards. One of which he’s particularly proud of, was when his shot of the Siuslaw River Bridge in Florence Oregon that made the cover of the Florence Business Profile Guide in 2015. In every one of Ken’s beautiful and creative images, he tries to include an element that gives people hope, peace, beauty and inspiration, and prayerfully, draws them a little closer to God.

Kim has a long history of self‐employment dating back to January 1999. Her talents as a previous graphics and web designer are truly an asset to our photo business. She’s worked in various industries such as human resources, marketing, creative services, administrative, and advertising.

Kim is a self‐taught designer/artist finishing a couple of years in vocational colleges where she earned Magna Cum Laude in computer networking. She’s always enjoyed technology and art and mixing the two together is the perfect world for her.

She is responsible for increasing website sales, engagement, content management as well as being the creative genius behind our website design. By day, works full time, but her real passion is crafting. She’s the owner of her blog, “Kim’s Handcrafted Cards” where she shares her handmade cards and craft projects.

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